Your Security Begins at Home

Ready to dive into the Internet of Things to automate your home? Start with the top products we've tested for every room in the house.

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smart security camera

We will install and setup your smart security
camera (s) and provide you with cloud storage options for viewing and recording.

smart lock/deadbolt

Lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, and send digital keys to family and friends. We'll install your new smart lock and connect it to your existing wireless network.

smart thermostat

Adjust the temperature in your home using your smartphone, from just about anywhere. Handy apps let you program your settings with ease. We'll install your new thermostat and connect it to your existing wireless network. (Requires existing thermostat)

voice control setup

We will setup your voice assistant device (Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Etc) so that you can control your smart devices with voice commands.

Home Automation Simplified!

Smart home technology and devices are here and changing how we live. Motilal Solutions offers a variety of home automation services that will simplify the way you connect, interact and integrate smart devices into your home.

What devices do we support?

  • Smart Video Doorbells
  • Smart Door Locks/ Deadbolts
  • Indoor and Outdoor Smart Cameras
  • Smart Thermostats
  • Voice Assistant Devices
    ....And a whole lot others.....

Why Use Smart Devices?

Total control, from anywhere!

With smart home devices all you need is an active internet connection to control your devices from anywhere. With our services integration will be seamless.

comfort when at home, savings when away.

Smart devices are not only convenient but they can help you save a lot of dough. Think about how you can save money by being able to turn down your heating or cooling from anywhere? Or with a smart light fixture or light bulb, you no longer have to remember to turn off the lights. If you choose smart lighting that has earned the ENERGY STAR, it’s using less energy when it’s on and in standby. It's a no brainer and you can use that money to purchase other cool smart devices.

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